As an End User

I want to save energy and operating costs while providing the best experience for my tenants.
I want an enterprise building automation system that runs my facility efficiently by executing intelligent decisions and energy management strategies. I want a building operating system that supports current standards and will easily transition to future standards. I want to clearly show what is important and promote energy awareness through easy-to-use interfaces for desktops, mobile devices, and kiosks.

What is FIN Technology

FIN is a software technology that combines the core functionality of a Building Automation System (BAS) for connecting and controlling devices, with the added benefits of a Building Operating System (BOS) to manage and leverage data. The technology uses tagging and data modeling to provide unprecedented capabilities and functionally. The Haystack open standard also provides options and choices for the best combination of solutions from the wider collaborative Haystack community.

Advanced Application Environment

FIN stands for the Fluid INtegration between the connected world producing data and the user experience consuming data. The world is getting smarter and more connected, but these islands of information need to be brought together, the FIN Framework brings big data into a more manageable environment. We then layer on advanced applications for scheduling, command/control, logging, alarming, and visualization.

Why Choose FIN

Improved ROI through Data Modeling

FIN 4.0 has a built in tagging model that is Haystack ready. Because your buildings, equipment, and points are now modeled, your implementation costs are much lower. Therefore, you will able to get a much faster ROI on current and future projects.

Operational Savings

All of our applications are built around a tagging model, which allows you to save time and labor like never before. Whether you are making schedule changes, implementing new control strategies, or navigating your facility on a mobile device, operating your facility is easier and faster.

Energy Savings

We have built in applications that control your building better than ever. If you have 1 building or 1000s of building you now can make Enterprise changes to your portfolio in a fraction of the time. This allows you to create new strategies for energy savings with an extremely quick ROI.

Customer Experience

Provide each of your stake holders a unique User Experience, including optimized mobile phone and tablet experiences. If you want dashboards with FIN 4.0 it's never been easier.