As a System Integrator

I want to Get Jobs Done Faster & Easier
I want better software tools and cool applications to help me sell jobs; which I can engineer quickly at a lower cost, so that I can do more jobs and provide better ongoing value for my customers.

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As an OEM Partner

I Want to get to Market Faster with the Latest Technology
I want fresh technology that enables me to add value and create differentiated products that are mobile capable so that I can attract and retain System Integrators.

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As an End User

I want to save energy and operating costs while providing the best experience for my tenants.
I want an enterprise building automation system that runs my facility efficiently by executing intelligent decisions and energy management strategies. I want a building operating system that supports current standards and will easily transition to future standards. I want to clearly show what is important and promote energy awareness through easy-to-use interfaces for desktops, mobile devices, and kiosks.

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Where in the World is Gerard Huff?

Our world class FIN Trainer Gerard has been very busy this year...

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